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Fixed Rate Monthly Payments

With a fixed rate mortgage your monthly payment will not alter for the period of the fixed rate.

If you are the kind of person that likes the reassurance of knowing exactly what your monthly payments will be, then a fixed rate may be the most suitable mortgage for you.

A fixed rate has the advantage also of potentially saving you money if interest rates generally move higher during the fixed rate term. On the other hand if interest rates move downwards you might be regretting having tied yourself into a fixed rate term.

Some lenders will lend more money if you take a long term fixed rate.

At the end of the fixed rate period you will revert to the standard variable rate or another rate that that will last for the remainder of the mortgage term.

Usually there will be a penalty charge covering the fixed rate period during which you will pay a charge for redeeming the loan.

There are some fixed rate deals without redemption penalties.

At the end of a fixed rate term, assuming there is no tie in period or penalty for going elsewhere it may be beneficial to re-mortgage to another lender

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