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How We Can Help You

We give clear honest advice, which means we find the right mortgage and protection policies to suit your needs. We will ensure you understand the difference between the types of mortgages on offer (repayment, interest-only, fixed, tracker, cash back and variable) and will give you honest advice on the best deal for you.

Mortgage Tree is completely independent

Not all brokers are independent and their advice may be restricted to a limited number of lenders. Mortgage Tree is different because our mortgage advisers can search the whole of the market. We can not only help you save money on your mortgage payments, but will also use our detailed knowledge of the mortgage market to advise you on how much each lender will be prepared to lend you. We will provide guidance on the numerous mortgage products available, review the charges each lender makes, and compare the service quality between providers.

We offer face to face advice

We believe that face to face advice is the best you can get. Meeting you, understanding your needs and aspirations, and having the time to talk through them with you, helps us to get the very best mortgage and protection products for you. Call us today to book a no obligation financial review.

We offer a Premier Mortgage Service

We offer a Premier Mortgage Service , whereby our expert advisers will take care of everything for you. The service also involves a full mortgage and protection review providing advice not only on which mortgage to choose but also on how to best protect your home, family and income should the unexpected happen. Our advisers will also take care of all the paperwork for you ensuring your application proceeds as smoothly as possible.

We will help you budget

We’ll help you budget, making sure it all adds up for when you move in to your new home. It’s no secret that buying a home is expensive, but it’s not only the money for the mortgage payments that you have to think about, there are also many other one-off costs to consider. Buying a home takes careful planning, you need to know all the costs before you go ahead as they are not always obvious. Our likely one-off costs guide will give you an idea of what’s involved, although our expert mortgage advisers will do a detailed cost planner for you.

We will save you money

Our ultimate gold is to help you save money. We will get the best interest rate for you ultimately reducing you mortgage payments. We will look at consolidating expensive credit that may be proving a great burden on your finances. Or we may look at saving you money by simply re jigging your mortgage to allow you some financial breathing space.

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